HubSpot has acquired two companies, according to a release this morning. Chime, based in Toronto, is a Chrome app to aggregate updates from social media, email, Reddit, and more. PrepWork is a New Haven-based personal research assistant, designed to help with meeting prep. Both companies will be moving to Cambridge to join HubSpot.

A source tells me these are both essentially acqui-hires, but to expect to see similar features popping up in the HubSpot product in the future.

“Last year as part of HubSpot 3, we launched a Contacts tool that allows our customers to create more lovable marketing through effective personalization,” said HubSpot VP of Product Strategy Brad Coffey in a release. “Both Chime and PrepWork deliver innovative solutions that give their users real-time information and context around their interactions, and we believe the know-how, approach, and technology the Chime and PrepWork teams bring to HubSpot will enable our customers to deliver even more personalized and lovable marketing to their target audience.”

Brian Halligan made no secret that HubSpot was in the market for acquisitions when I talked to him regarding the company’s latest round of funding, a $35 million round on the road to IPO.

No financial details were disclosed for either deal. If you have info on that front, email me: walter at bostinno.