Around this time last year, marketing software company HubSpot was spreading the inbound word using nearly 20,000 rainbow stickers and close to 3,000 stuffed unicorns. With a new year comes a new fad, however, and what better way to channel your “Inbound Style” than by creating your very own “Gangnam Style” parody video?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Gangnam Style” has become a YouTube sensation, receiving over 150 million views since July 15th. The man behind the bedazzled fuss is Korea’s newest 35-year-old King of Pop PSY, who just so happens to be a Boston University and Berklee alum.

Now, some Boston University and Dartmouth students have tried to repeat the magic, creating awkward parody videos of their own. But HubSpot’s really takes the cake. The video has already circulated around BostInno, and we can’t deny this: it’s certainly well-produced.

HubSpot shares on their blog that the video was created over a two-day time period, with filming taking place both in and outside of the office. Take notice to the HubSpot orange track jackets and cameo from the company’s Inbound Marketing Evangelist Laura Fitton and CMO Mike Volpe.

As the team writes, “The majority of HubSpotters were actually sad when the dance scene was over because they wanted to keep dancing, Gangnam Style.” But wipe those tears, inbound marketers. PSY never stops dancing.