Earlier this month, Hubway launched a Data Visualization Challenge, tasking the creative minds in Boston with building  maps, animations, infographics and the like about Hubway usage. The challenge crowdsources data from Hubway’s first year of rides, such as duration of rides, time of rides, most used stations, gender of riders and more.

Using this data,  uploaded a video for the challenge to YouTube, detailing a 24-hour period of Hubway bike rides on September 14, 2012. The two-minute video shows little white specks (Hubway bikes) moving in and out of station docks, flicking across Boston every which way — over bridges, through parks and down city streets. On the bottom of the video frame, there is also a graph reflecting peak usage hours for that particular day.

The result is an awesome and unique way to visualize a day in the life of Hubway bikes.

The Hubway Data Visualization Challenge is taking submissions now through October 31, and there will be a hack day on Saturday, October 27 at the Bocoup Loft to inspire collaboration. Winners will be announced on November 7.