With the MBTA now shut down, and over 22,000 National Grid customers and 26,000 NStar customers already without power in Massachusetts, it’s safe to say a majority of the city is stuck inside. Yet, while dozens of you are off undoubtedly playing Hurricane Sandy drinking games, those studious students over at MIT are taking a break from going “Gangnam Style” and are, instead, setting up their “hurricane hacks.”

Yes, MIT students are hacking their way through the hurricane. Please tell us you aren’t surprised.

The Institute’s Media Lab is currently crowdsourcing a document in a means of gathering real-time information on projects related to Hurricane Sandy. Even the Media Lab’s Director Joi Ito is getting in on the fun, tweeting:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/Joi/status/262727563430989824″]

The document has already gained quick traction, forcing interested “Hurricane Hackers”  into several different side projects, which you can get a glimpse of here. They include “SandBag.it,” a map of places that need sandbagging and a way for people to sign up and help, as well as “AfterSandy Benefit Parties,” which will help raise money after the hurricane blows over. For added fun, someone has even created a turntable room so hackers can listen to music as they quickly code away.

To see who’s contributing and learn more about how you can become a Hurricane Hacker, browse through the document below.