The hype has finally come to life: Hurricane Sandy has hit Massachusetts. The Governor has declared a state of emergency, the MBTA is shutting down early, and you’re probably “working from home” as we speak. More likely, you’re glued to The Weather Channel, tracking Hurricane Sandy’s every move. So, why not turn that into a drinking game? We’ve invented a fun little drinking game in honor of Hurricane Sandy below. Whip out the vodka, turn on the TV, open Facebook and Twitter, and get boozing.

On the News

  • Drink every time you hear the phrase “state of emergency.”
  • Drink every time you hear the word “wicked.”
  • Drink every time a reporter is standing outside in the wind and rain.
  • Drink every time they mention NStar or National Grid.
  • Drink twice when they show waves crashing into shore.
  • Drink twice when Hurricane Irene is referenced.
  • Finish your drink every time the Perfect Storm is referenced.

On Social Media

  • Drink whenever someone posts about Sandy in relation to the election.
  • Drink whenever someone posts a Sandy meme.
  • Drink whenever someone calls it “Frankenstorm.”
  • Finish your drink whenever someone posts about Hurricane drinking on Facebook or Twitter.

Also, Opinionated Nation pulled together this Hurricane Sandy Bingo game to play while watching The Weather Channel. But this isn’t your grandmother’s Bingo game. Print out this special Bingo board they’ve created, and every time you hear one of the Sandy-related buzzwords, check it off and take a shot. Be prepared to get very drunk.

Finally, here is a slideshow of Hurricane-themed drinks to get you in the spirit. Just make sure you stock up on alcohol before the storm gets really bad.

While it’s all fun and games, remember, this is still a hurricane. Be careful and stay safe out there, party people!