Is pizza the perfect food?

This question is one that many of us have wondered aloud as we forklift entire pies into our faces at 1:45 a.m. (Only a slight exaggeration.) Or when we open the door to greet our best friend—the pizza delivery driver—at the door on a Saturday night as they grant us with the gift that is a Supreme Meat Lover’s Pizza. Or whatever type of pizza you prefer.

Pizza is, at least, perfect enough that it’s being honored by the entire month of October, giving us 31 days to revel in its cheesy, saucy goodness. With the limitless topping combinations that we can toss on our pie in a ‘make it rain’ fashion, we should probably make 2014 National Pizza Year.

For now, we have National Pizza Month, which starts today and lasts technically until October ends. (But you can celebrate pizza whenever and wherever you want. You deserve it.) Here are some suggestions to get you started. Of course, this list doesn’t include all of the great pizza places in Boston, so let us know where you find your favorite slizz of cheese heaven.