Another company has migrated from the suburbs to the heart of downtown Boston. And they certainly plan on leaving their mark.

IdeaPaint officially moved into its new, beautiful office at 40 Broad Street on Tuesday. The patent-pending dry-erase paint company made the transition a few weeks ago from Ashland, Mass. in order to attract talent in Boston for its sales and marketing teams and “be where our customers are,” VP of Sales Jeff Chaitman told BostInno.

But even before its office in Ashland, IdeaPaint was working out of a tiny office in Cambridge. The idea initially sprung in part from a project at Babson in 2002. “They were brainstorming for your typical business, and they said, ‘wouldn’t it make sense if we could collaborate on a wall, erase it, add to it, and have other people do it,’” shared Chaitman.

A few years of laboratory tinkering later, IdeaPaint debuted at furniture tradeshow NeoCon to rave reviews and won the Best of NeoCon Innovation award for its ground-breaking product. With the confirmation of their product’s value, the IdeaPaint team then relocated out to Ashland to secure more space to support its growing numbers.

The company’s numbers, however, are still growing. The team currently has 32 people, but IdeaPaint will be adding six or seven new employees in Q2, said Chaitman. The company has also hit around 85,000 installs in 50 countries around the world, with customer numbers growing around 30 percent each year. PayPal, Harvard, MIT, Reebok and QuickenLoans serve as just a few of IdeaPaint’s Boston area customers.

Bigger numbers call for a bigger space. And considering the company is all about collaboration, it makes sense that IdeaPaint’s new space fosters participation and communication on every level. The airy open floor plan and large windows on the first level of the building brightens up the room. There are no private offices – not even for Avalon or Chaitman. “[The Ashland office] was totally against everything we do with the technology – collaborate,” said Chaitman, noting that the old spot was cramped, forcing teams to split up. And it goes without saying that nearly all walls in the company’s new digs are covered with its own white board paint, turning the space into an erasable blank canvas.

But Ideapaint wants to take collaboration even further. The company hopes to partner with different startups and companies around Boston to host various parties and events in its new space, which can hold around 60.

We got a tour of IdeaPaint’s creative new space, so go ahead and …