Election Day is a very serious day for America. After all, we are tasked with deciding the new (or repeat) leader of the Free World. But while we wait for the powers that be to tally our votes, why not have a little fun on the internet? Over on Twitter, tweeters decided to have a little fun with the races, starting a hashtag called #campaignlyrics.

Through the hashtag, users are tweeting lyrics of popular song as they could be applied to the national election going on right now. Imagine President Obama jamming out to Stealers Wheel “Stuck in the Middle With You,” or Governor Romney spitting rhymes to T.I.’s  part in”Live Your Life.” In fact, can we make both of those videos happen? Thanks.

From Lady Gaga to Carly Simon, Spice Girls to R.E.M., here are some of the best #campaignlyrics tweets. Share your own in the comments below, and happy voting today!