People are falling in love while riding the MBTA, and then openly posting about it on Craigslist.

According to a map published in Psychology Today, created by artist Dorothy Gambrell, the most “missed connections” plastered on the classified advertising site occurred on the Bay State’s public transportation system.

By collecting data based on the 100 most recent “Missed Connection” posts in each respective state, Gambrell created an “Atlas” showing where people were looking for love, but were maybe too shy to engage in conversation.

The information collected to create the map was based on the most frequently cited places where a Missed Connection occurred, and later posted.

While data showed that most posts from around the country came from people who missed an opportunity to start a conversation in places like Walmart, people in the Boston area were more likely to eye a potential mate while packed on a train.

Dating coach Thomas Edwards, who owns Boston-based “Professional Wingman,” said he wasn’t surprised by the results.

With MBTA ridership at its peak the last several months, Edwards said it makes sense that missed connections would happen where people congregate the most.

“It’s interesting,” he said. “Because the thing about Craigslist is people go on to post Missed Connections, but they also go on to check if someone posted about them.”

Edwards, who posted tips about how to meet people on public transportation last year, said riders should break the mold, and rather than turn to Craigslist to gush about a potential love interest, try talking to the person they see.

“We tend to think that these places where we go every day, that we shouldn’t talk to this person,” he said, adding that the quietness and crowded environment on the T can lead to anxiety for some.

“But the reality is, you should be able to meet people,” he said.

Of course, there is always the off chance that someone will be shot down, or a conversation denied, said Edwards, which is understandable, however, it shouldn’t always be a deterrent.

“It doesn’t mean they will be open to talk to you, but the worst case scenario is the person won’t be interested,” he said. “Sure, it sucks to be rejected. But it doesn’t look as bad as it feels.”

Although Bay State residents wished they had the guts to muster up a conversation while commuting, on a national level, the data showed that many missed opportunities were happening in bars, gyms and Walmart stores.

The data collected also showed that 1 percent of missed connections were women seeking other women.

The majority of posts came from men who had eyed a female while out in public, and hoped to find love.

According to the chart, based on recent data, 59 percent of posts found on Craigslist nationwide fit that scenario.

h/t Buzzfeed