Local startup DetraPel, which sells a repellent spray preventing your shoes from getting wet or dirty, is now a Mark Cuban-backed startup.

While many people were watching the Golden Globes on Sunday night, a new episode of ‘Shark Tank’ aired on ABC featuring David Zamarin, founder of DetraPel, as the last contestant.

Zamarin, an undergraduate at Babson in the class of 2020 and an alum of the Babson Summer Venture Program, walked out of the tank with a $200,000 deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for 25 percent of DetraPel.

In a phone interview with BostInno, Zamarin said that on Sunday, the revenue of DetraPel to date was a little over $60,000. After the episode was aired, the venture registered a jump in revenue to $66,200 on website sales in the first ten hours overnight.

“And that’s only the website, we haven’t done any custom order yet,” Zamarin pointed out. “We will definitely, within the next week, hit close to $100,000.”

Zamarin – who said he can’t share any proprietary information about the show, anything about his deal or anything that’s not public at the moment because of the confidentiality agreements he’s bounded to – was nonetheless able to disclose a few details about his experience at ‘Shark Tank’ and the future of Detrapel.

The ‘Shark Tank’ episode with the Detrapel segment was recorded in September in Los Angeles, where he stayed for four days. “The week prior to that, I was very, very nervous,” Zamarin said. “One of my close mentors told me that the reason why I’ve gone this far is my confidence and that… I needed to be confident.”

“The week prior to that, I was very, very nervous.”

Zamarin closed his deal with Cuban and Greiner after working on Detrapel for almost five years. “It’s finally a big break because we’re seeing the fruits of our labor,” he said.

Currently, Detrapel is based in Natick, MA with a team of five full-time members, two commission-based people and one intern. As for the next steps for the company, Zamarin said he’s excited to grow the company as a full brand for both individual consumers and industrial customers.