After The Boston Globe reported that Facebook is planning to hire more than 500 employees for its new office in Cambridge, we reached out to Ryan Mack, Facebook Boston site lead, to learn more about the move and the company’s hiring plans.

“We’re always hiring,” Mack said in an interview. “We’re actively recruiting and I’d be happy to talk with people.”

Here’s what we know so far about the new Facebook office (and the types of jobs it’s looking to hire).

Where will the new office be?

The company is moving from its current location at One Broadway to 100 Binney St. The two locations are less than a 10-minute walking distance from each other in the Kendall Square area. Mack said that the new space will be around 130,000 square feet, so six times the size of the current space. “In terms of the look of the new space, that’s going to be something we’ll be able to reveal next year,” he pointed out. As for what will happen to the old space, Mack declined to provide additional details.

When will the move be complete?

The company has no official date to announce. Construction will be finished next year, Mack said.

How many positions?

Mack estimates that the new space has a capacity of 650 employees. Currently, over 100 people work in the Boston office.

What profiles is Facebook Boston looking for?

Primarily, technical and engineers. “We are hiring software engineers focusing on infrastructure, mobile application development, networking, compilers, data warehouses, machine learning experts and data scientists,” Mack said. In the Facebook Boston location, employees focus on machine learning and how to scale machine learning efficiently, among other things.

How to apply?

Currently, the Facebook careers page lists 20 openings for Boston. The company is looking for software engineers with different specializations, including machine learning, traffic infrastructure, iOS and Android. Minimum qualifications include bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or related fields and at least one year of software development experience (but requirements may vary). There are also tech openings for university grads, interns and Ph.D. university grads.

The full list of positions is available on the Facebook career page for Boston.