Lyft announced on Wednesday the launch of its self-driving pilot in the Seaport, where select Boston passengers can hail one nuTonomy’s autonomous cars.

The pilot program is part of a previously announced partnership between Lyft and nuTonomy, a Boston-based developer of autonomous vehicle technology that was acquired by auto parts manufacturer Delphi for $450 million in October. The launch of Lyft’s pilot follows the completion of nuTonomy’s first passenger test in the Seaport in November.

In a blog post, Lyft said the goals of its self-driving pilot is to let the public experience autonomous vehicles firsthand and receive feedback from participants.

The ride-hailing company, which is Uber’s main rival in the United States, did not make it clear how it determines who is eligible to participate in the pilot. The company said the pilot will be available to “select Boston passengers” and that “some rides hailed in the Seaport will be matched with nuTonomy self-driving vehicles.”