If you’re just tuning in, the tech world is thumbs up on Internet of Things—and thumbs down on PCs—right now. Now, this week Intel is looking like it’s out to become the poster child for the shift. The company announced a major restructuring that’ll eliminate up to 12,000 jobs so it can focus on doing more with technology for connected devices, and less on PCs. I asked two of Boston’s IoT heavy hitters, LogMeIn and PTC, for their thoughts on Intel’s ($INTC) IoT moves.

Ryan Lester

Ryan Lester, director of IoT strategy at LogMeIn (who used to work in Intel’s IoT group), told me that Intel brings a variety of strengths “that will help move the IoT industry forward.” One unique perspective they bring, he said, is in providing security for both hardware and software—i.e., on both smart devices and in the cloud that connects those devices. “They can take a similar role as they did in the early PC days by driving standards and connectivity,” Lester said. “Similar to what they did with USB and WiFi, I would love to see them drive hardware standards on how devices interoperate with each other and transmit data.”

Sharing data and generating useful insights “is a key component to the IoT,” he added. “And by helping devices connect securely, so they can share information, will be a huge step forward for the industry.”

At PTC, meanwhile, senior VP of corporate communications Eric Snow said he hopes his company will serve as an example to the likes of Intel. IoT is “presenting incredible opportunities for companies,” he said. And PTC, for one, has transformed its business over the past two years in large part through gaining a “robust IoT technology portfolio,” Snow said.