If you have ever passed through Rowes Wharf, you will usually see a breath-taking yacht, named the Iroquois, docked right beyond the Boston Harbor Hotel and Foster’s Rotunda.  The owner of Iroquois, John Henry, who also owns the Boston Red Sox, has kept the 164-foot yacht there for several months and usually is portrayed as the star of the harbor.

That was until “Remember When” came for a tour of Beantown.

The owner of Remember When is John Rosatti, a New York native and serial entrepreneur who, through his passion for cars and yachts, has successfully started and operated Millennium Super Yachts and Plaza Auto Mall.  His most recent venture leads him into the food industry as he is a founding partner of BurgerFi, a restaurant that looks to blend vintage burger shacks with modern décor.  The restaurant serves burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes, frozen custard, craft beer, wine, and touts a secret menu. Boston is certainly not short on Burger restaurants but with a unique menu like this, maybe we will see one in Boston in the near future.

Mr. Rosatti was kind enough to invite me aboard Remember When for a tour, led by the boat’s Captain, Hendre du Plessis. The spectacular exterior is matched by the splendor once you’re aboard. Hendre walked me through some of the innovative technology aboard the boat including one of his personal favorites, the dynamic positioning system, which helps to stabilize the boat on a fixed course even in choppy conditions, all at a touch of a joystick, if desired.  That way the ship doesn’t have to drop anchor and worry about sliding around. If you happen to see where Remember When is docked, you will quickly appreciate the power of this technology.

The yacht comes equipped with both standard and frontal sonar, infrared cameras, 2 Sea Tel TV satellite dishes and a Sea Tel satellite-internet dish for internet access.  So what gadgets does Mr. Rosatti and crew use to access the Web?  Well, let’s just say they’re a Mac crew, for sure.  Inlaid flat screen TVs, recessed lighting on the bars, air conditioning on the deck outside are just a few of the amenities of Remember When, which make it difficult to leave, unless of course you’re headed to a BurgerFi for lunch.

Mr. Rosatti and I sat down to chat about why he came to visit Boston.  Here’s what he had to say.

What Brings you to Boston?

Just to come to the Northeast and escape the heat of Florida, which we didn’t do a great job of doing. We love coming up to Boston and haven’t been up for about 4 years, I think. We came from Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and will head to New York and Florida to continue the process of opening BurgerFi, our new restaurant.

Do you have plans for another Yacht?

We have plans for a 190 ft boat that will take about four years to build.  We’ve been thinking of a few names but haven’t landed on it yet. We named this one Remember When because we have a lot of relatives that come on the boat and always say “remember when we did this, and remember when we did that…”

What is your favorite piece of technology on board?

Well I have to say the DP (dynamic positioning) system. That’s something that if you never have driven a boat, you can run it just with the joystick.  You can only do 3 knots but the generator on it will move you around in low water pretty well.

What’s your favorite personal piece of technology on board?

The horns, I have a set of horns that if you hear them, they can play any song you want. We blasted music at the Fourth of July all the time, it was great.

What’s the best way to communicate with family and friends while you’re on the boat?

With my family, if I call, they might not pick up, so usually I text (laughing).  I personally still type with one finger but I am getting better and better with these devices.   I have a Facebook account and Twitter account but haven’t been on it as much as I’d like.

What do you look forward to when you come back to Boston?

I love the restaurants.  I love the bridges, too.  We will take the small boat and go through them.  I find myself in the North End pretty often, as well.  It’s so beautiful out front here.  I am used to seeing the cranes and constructions from the Big Dig years ago.  We well definitely be back in Boston soon.

A special thanks to Mr. Rosatti, Dawn Kimbell, and their crew for showing Bostinnovation such great hospitality aboard Remember When.

Click below for pictures of my tour of the Super Yacht.

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