We received more than 2,000 nominations for 50 on Fire, and we’ve finally narrowed them down to the finalists. Earlier this week, we announced finalists for Tech, Marketing & Advertising and Healthcare & Medicine, as well as finalists in the Education, Media and Design categories.

Today, we present you the finalists for the remaining three categories: Dining & Retail, Sports & Fitness, and Arts & Entertainment.

Finalists were selected based on a combination of input from the following three facets: the Streetwise Media and BostInno team, our expert panel of anonymous judges and community support from our loyal readers. With each nomination, we took into account growth, momentum, and innovation, whether those manifested in an incredible new product, impressive revenue numbers, or simply fostering a thriving, passionate community in Boston.

One thing that stood out to us as we combed through the thousands of nominations: there are many individuals and companies alike who seem to be on the cusp of blowing up. We looped these movers and shakers into the “Don’t light a match near these guys” category. And while they were left out of the list this year, we expect they’ll be making a 50 on Fire debut next year.

Now, here are the finalists in the Dining & Retail, Sports & Fitness, and Arts & Entertainment categories.

Dining & Retail

Sports & Fitness

Arts & Entertainment

Thank you to our incredible partners and sponsors: