After sorting through more than 2,000 nominations for 50 on Fire, now we get to the part you’ve all been anxiously awaiting and crossing your fingers for: the finalists.

We announced the finalists for Tech, Marketing & Advertising and Healthcare & Medicine yesterday, but now I get the honor of introducing those taking the top spots in Education, Media and Design.

Before I do, however, let me remind you of this: the outcomes were decided based on a mix of Streetwise smarts, the expertise of our anonymous judges and the outpour of grassroot support from the community. There were also a slew of individuals and companies on the cusp of blowing up. Those folks fall into, what we’re coyly calling, the “Don’t light a match near these guys” category. Although they have been left from the list, we’re certain they’ll be making a 50 on Fire debut next year.

Without further ado, here are the finalists in Education, Media and Design.

(A note about Design: we received so many noteworthy nominations, the category is a broad one. What we did is then give the best sampling from web design all the way to architecture.)




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