It’s finally time to start naming names for the 50 on Fire finalists! We know you’ve been waiting patiently for this, as we sorted through the more than 2,000 nominations to select finalists for each category.

The task falls to me to introduce those finalists for the categories of Tech, Marketing & Advertising, and Healthcare & Medicine. But first, a few quick notes…

In selecting the finalists, we relied on three things: the wisdom of the BostInno/Streetwise team, the expertise of our anonymous judges, and, finally, we took the number of submissions for a given company or individual as a sign of grassroot support. For the former, we looked for signs of growth, momentum, and innovation, from rolling out an unbelievable product in recent months to impressive user or revenue growth, to the intangibles like contributing to a more vibrant community in Boston.

You’ll also notice we’ve condensed B2B and B2C into one all encompassing Tech category.

Last thing: there were some individuals and companies who seem to be just on the cusp of blowing up. Call it the “Don’t light a match near these guys” category. We left these folks out, but fully expect they’ll be on Fire next year, so if you think you notice an obvious omission, consider whether they might fall into this category.

With so many worthy nominees, it’s impossible to give full credit to all the unbelievable innovation taking place around us. But we’ve done our best, so without further ado, here are the finalists.


Marketing & Advertising


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