Ministry of Supply’s mission has always been to create clothes that feel like their customers’ second skin. By compiling the perfect blend of athletic gear and business apparel, they’ve created a set of well-engineered men’s dress shirts and undershirts that wick away moisture, all while remaining wrinkle-free. Talk about making it easy.

“People can put us on, and not really think about anything else,” said Ministry of Supply co-founder Kit Hickey in a recent interview. “We make our clients feel like they’re secret agents.” And that idea is what led to “The Agent Shirt,” one of the company’s first products.

Since April, the company’s been accepted into MassChallenge and getting ready to unveil a new shirt that went live on Kickstarter today. Called “the Apollo,” the shirt is focused on four key areas: heat management, moisture management, odor control and dynamic motion.

“When you’re moving around during the day, your body’s constantly reacting to the environment,” says fellow co-founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena. “So, let’s make a fabric that can adapt with your body.”

The Apollo features the same technology that NASA uses in its space suits, helping to control your body temperature. Called phase-change materials (PCMs), the shirt can adapt depending on where you are. Absorbing heat on your way into work? The shirt keeps you cooler. Feeling a chill when you’re sitting in your office’s cold A/C? The shirt warms you back up.

Even better — when you’re sweating, the fiber in the shirt is wicking moisture away from your body. So you can be as nervous as you want on that first date without having to worry about sweat stains. Or odor. Why? Because The Apollo’s anti-microbial coating takes care of that for you, too. Just please don’t use that as an excuse to skip showering after you work out at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, while you might not wear a dress shirt to the gym, you could wear one of Ministry of Supply’s shirts if you needed to. They’ve designed their shirts with “your motion in mind,” meaning it remains tucked in all day, even while you’re standing up, shaking hands and skipping merrily down the street.

“It all comes back to creating clothes that are your second skin,” Amarasiriwardena says.

The pieces are all in place to make The Apollo shirt a reality, from the fabric to manufacturing, the team just wants to make sure it’s a product their customers really want, which is why they went to Kickstarter.

“Kickstarter is a great way to prove that a demand for this actually exists,” Amarasiriwardena admits. “We know we can make it happen, we just want to see people want it.”

To Hickey, Kickstarter is the place where people go for new products focused on design and technology. The Apollo embodies aspects of both.

The team’s currently trying to raise $30,000 in 32 days. Curious to learn more before hopping on board and donating money? Just check out the video below. But let me remind you: no sweat stains, no odors and no wrinkles. What more do you need?