iLab, an iPhone repair shop in Japan claims to have gotten their hands on most coveted to-be-released tech product of 2012: the iPhone 5. There have been iPhone 5 concept photos floating around the internet since the iPhone 3 was still on the market, but these appear to be the first legitimate photos of the highly anticipated smartphone. The shop’s leaked iPhone 5 photos and video show the reported two-tone metal case, larger screen, smaller dock connector, new speaker grill, and housing. Take a look at the images and video of the iPhone 5 that were leaked by iLab below and keep reading for more information about the phone.

iPhone 5 Leaked Photos:

iPhone 5 Housing Video:

Release Date:

There have been numerous reports claiming that the iPhone 5 will be announced on September 21st, along with an iPad “Mini,” and iOS 6.

According to Business Insider, the iPhone 5 is poised to become the most popular phone Apple has released:

The market research firm surveyed more than 4,000 consumers in mid-June and found that 14% said they were very likely to buy the next iPhone and 17% said they were somewhat likely to buy it. In other words, nearly a third of consumers say they will likely buy the fifth generation iPhone.

Oh, and for those of you looking to stay ahead everyone else whose staying ahead of the curve, here are some iPhone 6 concept photos via High Snobiety:

iPhone 5 Rumored Specs

In terms of the phone’s physical appearance, reports have swirled around for months that the iPhone 5 will be the thinnest iPhone yet and it will feature a larger screen. Additional rumors point to a centered, front-facing camera for better video conferencing, as well as NFC capabilities. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is the technology that enables the transfer of data from a smartphone to a receiver. This allows users to, say, tap their phone at a cash register to pay for a purchase, rather than pull out their wallet.

iPhone 6 concept photos: