Will online learning replace the traditional college experience? Can it help solve the student debt crisis? Will employers ever take online learning seriously? These are just a few of the common questions that people ask about online learning and the future of education. To further complicate matters, the phrase “online learning” describes both formal degrees gained online and free online courses that have no official credentials associated with them (yet).

According to recent research, 61% of CEOs are familiar with online training programs, and 83% of that group lends equal weight to traditional and online degrees. That’s a hair over 50% of CEOs who won’t consider an online degree a knock against your qualifications. The numbers skew better for certain industries, especially technical services, so an online degree can be a valid choice provided the student devotes extensive research and career consideration to the decision. Here’s part of that research for you: an infographic outlining the pros and cons of online education, which should give you a solid idea of whether an online degree is right for you.

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