Bigfoot “observations” are a dime a dozen. Whether it’s grainy videos of bushes ruffling in the distance, footage of Billy Ray Joe Bob’s friend in an elaborate Halloween costume, or simply a photo of Robin Williams with his shirt off, not a month goes by without someone claiming they have indisputable evidence of the ape man. While almost all such claims are instantly dismissed, a new video taken in Provo Canyon, Utah has  peaked the intertest Bigfoot “experts.” Before delving into what the monster pundits are saying, take a look at the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video below.

Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter? [VIDEO]

The original video (above is the enhanced version) has over 2.7 million YouTube views. The caption for the YouTube video, posted by “Beard Card,” reads:

We went camping in Provo Canyon (near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook) and saw some deer up on a hill that we wanted to get a closer look at. On our way up, we thought we saw a bear, until the monster stood up and looked right at us. We ran straight to the car after that, leaving our tent and everything behind. It’s probably all still up there.

Fox 13 connected with Card to talk about the encounter. Here’s an excerpt of the phone interview:

CARD: “But when it stood up and looked at us–and we assumed it was a bear up to that point–but, when it stood up and looked at us, it was this massive animal. We don’t know what it was. I mean, none of us believe in Bigfoot, so. …We’ve talked about it over and over again since Monday when it happened and all of us are positive that thing wasn’t a bear.”

ROTH: “You’re not a Bigfoot guy?”

CARD: “Nope…none of us have ever believed in that kind of thing.”

ROTH: “So what do you think it was?”

CARD: “I don’t know!…We don’t know what it was…I don’t know if Bigfoot exists or not but that was a huge animal.”

Boxing analysis website Ringside Report took it upon themselves to get an expert opinion on the video…nope, can’t say I see the connection between boxing and Bigfoot either, but let’s move on…I guess…

So, the Bigfoot buff they called on is video analysis and CGI expert Mitch Phillips (Avatar, Eight-Legged Freaks). Unlike the “authorities” from shows like Monster Quest, Phillips is actually the right man to call on to analyze the veracity of such a video. Here are his thoughts:

You know, I have seen countless of these videos that proclaim to have the elusive Sasquatch on tape. Most recently, I debunked a video from a four-wheeler and another from a supposed camping trip. This Utah video is quite interesting. Since I do not have a great deal of time to explain the technical stuff, let me just give you my findings in simple terms. 1. I rule out costume due to the muscle tone and appearance of real fur. 2. I rule out other animal/mistaken identity. This is not a bear or anything else. This has human-like limbs. 3. The reactions from those filming are very convincing. There is none of this ‘what is that’ comments that are on every fake video. 4. There is no video trickery. This was there. My conclusion: It’s real. This is a huge piece of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. I’m impressed!

I’ll agree with the “impressed” part. The “It’s real” part? Not so much. Did they react in the most realistic fashion I’ve seen with any of these videos, yes. But I’m saying their initial prediction of the animal being a bear was accurate. Even a small bear can reach such heights when standing on its hind legs.

So, what do you think? Bigfoot? Bear? Costumed prankster?