This morning, in honor of National Bike Month, local transportation groups banded together to host the Rush Hour Race, pitting a bicycle rider, a driver and a T commuter against each other in a race from Redbones Davis Square to Genzyme Center in Kendall Square to see which option provides the fastest commute.

Turns out, biking is your best bet! The cyclist, Josh Zisson of @BikeSafeBoston, came in about 1o minutes prior to Laurie, also known as @RideLikeCharlie. And, as expected, the car riders came in dead last, thwarted by red lights, one-way streets and other Massholes on the road.

The Rush Hour Race was put together by the LivableStreets Alliance, Somerville Bicycle Committee and Cambridge Bike Committee to raise awareness of the different forms of transportation available to commuters.

According to the press release:

Half of all trips in the U.S are three miles or less, yet 72 percent are made by car (National Household Travel Survey). Providing the opportunities for people to walk, bike and take public transit is essential to reducing car congestion, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving the quality of life for urban residents.

I’d like to see this race tried along the Green Line — something tells me MBTA commuters would come in dead last on the B Line. Either way, it looks like it’s time to hop on that Hubway, after all!