Apple is really letting iTunes 11’s release date hit the 11th hour. First, at the iPhone 5 event in September, Apple said iTunes 11 would release in October. After October came and went without an upgrade, Apple pushed the music store’s release date to “November,” with no specific date. So, with a week to go in the company’s second self-imposed deadline, new reports say that iTunes 11’s release date is “imminent” and “within days.”

iTunes 11 Screenshots

iTunes 11 Release Date

An email sent to artists by German music distribution service Feiyr predicts that iTunes 11 will be available for download over the next few days, Mac Rumors reports. The body of the email reads:

Starting with iTunes 11, which is about to be released within the next days, users have the possibility to view pictures and galleries to every artist in iTunes.

You can submit the pictures and galleries of your artists directly with Feiyr.

All you need is the link to your artist in iTunes and images mit [sic] 1200 pixels or more.

Although the email isn’t directly from Apple, it’s possible that Apple is warning/urging music distribution firms and artists to flesh out their new pages ahead of the launch to “avoid a sea of blank spaces in the software’s new graphically-focused user interface,” says BGR.

With 5 days left in November, calling that iTunes 11 is coming in a few days doesn’t exactly require a crystal ball, but considering how Apple has been botching the upgrade for 2 months now, it’s good to see some third party confirmation.

iTunes 11 Improvements

Apple already revealed a bit of what we can expect from iTunes 11 when the company unveiled the iPhone 5 last month. In short, iTunes will come with an revamped interface, increased Facebook and Twitter integration, and more comprehensive iCloud support. The upgrade will also remove the failed music social network Ping. Here’s more detail:

1. iTunes 11 will receive an interface update with a refreshed, edge to edge design. The archaic File, Edit etc menus at the top have been removed, and the clunky control buttons look much sleeker.
2. Clicking on an item in your library (album, video, or app), will pop open an information window much like they do in iOS folders.
3. While playing a song with the window minimized, iTunes 11 will show a small box displaying the album cover art and the current song. In addition, a drop-down menu will display the playlist context with upcoming songs listed below.
4. iTunes 11 will bring more iCloud integration. Users will now be able to start a song on a MacBook and, thanks to improved synchronization, resume the song on an iPhone. Similarly, begin watching a movie on an Apple TV, pause it, and pick it back up on an iPad.
5. Increased social media integration will allow users to share their favorite songs on Twitter and Facebook, replacing the now defunct Ping.