(Lacoste presenting at WTWH Media’s It’s All Marketing Summit. Image via Jebbit)

Advertising technology company Jebbit announced Wednesday a strategic partnership with Cleveland, Ohio-based business-to-business media company WTWH Media. The news comes just three weeks after Jebbit established an exclusive post-click engagement partnership with Greater Media Boston.

WTWH Media will begin offering its advertisers native and immersive post-click engagement via Jebbit’s production, delivery and analytics platform. WTWH Media produces more than 40 technical websites, as well as four print publications covering the design, engineering and renewable energy markets.

“Post-click engagement is becoming an integral part of digital media campaigns as people embrace interactive experiences with brands,” said WTWH Media Founder and CEO Scott McCafferty in a statement. “Jebbit’s unique post-click format, combined with their analytics, will make it easier for advertisers to create and monetize user engagement.”

Jebbit’s technology creates an interactive question-and-answer ad experience over a brand’s landing page, and in a way where employees with even minimal tech savvy can create post-click experiences that integrate with any digital marketing channel. The goal, after enticing consumers to spend more time engaging with a brand’s ad, social post or email message, is to arm advertisers with the proper data to help them reach the ideal customer after the click.

Speaking to the benefits of the partnership, Jebbit COO Jonathan Lacoste shared in a statement:

Among B2B advertisers’ primary objectives are pre-qualifying and generating quality lead generation, meaningful interaction with the consumer and making the product resonate. This new partnership will allow advertisers to test and leverage post-click engagement across properties with the end result being more engaging and better performing digital media campaigns.

Since launching out of Boston College in 2011, Jebbit has gone on to raise roughly $2.3 million. The Techstars Boston alum is also working with the likes of Bose, Dell, Microsoft and Zipcar.