Jerry Remy, the Red Sox color commentator for NESN television, went on the Dennis & Callahan radio show to talk about his son, Jared, who is currently charged with murder. Jerry has maintained his commitment to returning to NESN broadcasts after taking the remainder of 2013 off following his son’s arrest for the murder of Jared’s girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

Remy’s radio interview lasted for a lengthy period of time, as he explained his thoughts on staying on NESN despite some negative response that he’s received regarding the association with Jared’s ongoing legal situation. Sounding open, yet dejected, Remy was asked several direct questions about the history regarding the treatment and support he had given to his troubled son.

Here’s the full audio from Jerry Remy’s radio interview on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan:

One particular answer was notable.

“Are you paying for Jared’s Lawyer now, Jerry?” asked Kirk Minihane.

“Yes,” Remy responded simply.

Other responses and statements:





Remy was quick to point out (and continually reiterated) that understands the negative reaction from some.

“Hopefully in time those who don’t like the idea will come around,” he said, “but if not I certainly understand.”

When challenged as to his rationale about staying on television despite the outcry from a measurable portion of the fan base, Remy countered that, “I just feel that I have to go on with my life in some form.”

He added that, “I still love it as much as I did 26 years ago when I started. I feel that I have a right to make a living.”

Remy challenged the validity of some of the reports that have surfaced, but refused to jump into specifics. He closed by saying that his treatment of Jared’s daughter, Arianna, would not falter, and that she would have no contact with her father under any circumstance. It’s been a nightmare situation for everyone involved, Remy noted, and on the prospect of it going away any time soon, he said simply, “It will never go away.”