This week in gluttonous news, the fine folks over at jm Curley decided to go ahead and out-do themselves in the kitchen yet again. The restaurant’s current “Sammy’s 7? chalkboard specials all draw from a warm weather theme, and this week’s special burger is topped — I repeat, topped — with a grilled hot dog. Not next to it, not with it, not “your choice of,” but on top of it. A hot dog on top of a hamburger.

Here’s a photo of this aptly named “Backyard Burger” from jm Curley’s Facebook page:

That right there is a 5 oz. patty topped with melted American cheese, a grilled Kayem Dog, spicy mustard and “bullshit” relish.

This hot-dog-burger-thingy comes fresh off the heels of Chef Sam Monsour’s most recent (and just as absurd) special: a personal pepperoni pizza with a cheeseburger and French fries inside of it. (Click here for a photo of that monstrosity.)

All these wacky food combinations make us wonder what’s next at jm Curley — a pizza inside a burger? Mac and cheese in which the noodles are actually hot dogs? A taco with pizza inside it?

My head might explode just thinking of the possibilities.

You can get the Backyard Burger at jm Curley now through Saturday.