Almost a month since launching video for Instagram, the Jobs trailer became the first movie trailer to be featured on the popular photo-sharing site. Starring Ashton Kutcher in the titular role, the film chronicles some of the highlights of the life and career of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. and how he revolutionized the world of personal computing.

Using Instagram’s 15-second video platform, the teaser trailer has become inaugural movie promotion on the network. Already the post has garnered over 600 likes and has been commented on over 40 times, nearly all of which praise the short TV spot and film as a whole.

Check out the Instagram Teaser Trailer for Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher:

Prior to and upon its launch, video for Instagram was thought of by many as Facebook co-founder and Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg’s copy-cat attempt at competing with Vine, a similar six-second video taking and sharing network. However just one day after its release, its users uploaded 5 million videos in just 24 hours, an impressive feat even when considerings its 130 million plus user-base.

As for the Steve Jobs flick set to be released August 16, take a look at the full trailer below. While many, including myself, were initially put off by Kutcher taking up the role of one of the most iconic inventors in the history of consumer electronics, the former That 70’s Show co-star looks uncannily like Jobs, especially  when the late Apple helmsman descended deeply into his cancerous old age.

Check out the official trailer for Jobs here:

Take a look at both the Instagram teaser trailer and the official trailer and let us know how you think the movie and Kutcher in the leading role will fare. Steve Jobs disciples are sure to be acutely critical of Kutcher’s performance regardless of his lack of acting chops but I’ve got to admit, he’s got me convinced. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.