A body pulled from the Charles River early Tuesday morning has been identified as missing Boston architecture student Jonathan Dailey, according to officials from the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office.

“We just found out that my dear brother Jonathan is with Jesus. We are in shock. Please lift us up, we are devestated,” wrote Dailey’s sister, Robyn Dailey Hoffman, on a Facebook page dedicated to trying to find her missing sibling.

Immediately following the post, nearly one hundred comments filled the page.

After a review late in the day of Dailey’s dental records by forensic odontologists at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, officials were able to identify the remains, according to Jake Wark, spokesman from the DA’s office.

“The facts and circumstances surrounding Mr. Dailey’s death remain under investigation by State Police detectives assigned to the Suffolk DA’s office,” said Wark. “We rule out no possibility and we promise Mr. Dailey’s family a thorough, comprehensive search for the truth as we investigate his death.”

While the DA’s office said they will not be “discussing evidence recovered at or near the scene,” other news outlets reported that the body pulled from the river early Tuesday morning was wrapped in chains that were connected to a cinder block.

Dailey, a Boston Architectural College student, had been missing since October 2.

Since his disappearance, family and friends launched a social media campaign trying to locate Dailey.

Dailey’s roommate said he was last seen around 8:30 p.m., last Tuesday, however, all of his I.D.’s, including passport, phone charger, wallet and computer, were left at the apartment.

On Saturday, Boston Police put out a notice asking for the public’s help finding Dailey. Then, on Sunday, LostNMissing.com, a group dedicated to helping people find missing family members by plastering posters both online and in the community, met in West Roxbury to distribute fliers.

In a separate incident on Monday morning, police pulled the body of an elderly man from the Charles River near where Dailey was discovered the next day. The elderly man’s body was discovered floating near the Boston University Bridge and sailboat house.

Two employees of the Boston University sailing pavilion spotted the body.

The body was found close to the shore where joggers and cyclists passed by. As the State Police Marine Unit removed the body from the river, kayakers were passing the scene of the incident.