CoachUp announced early on Monday morning that Julian Edelman will be joining their growing ranks as a member of their Athlete Advisory Council. The Patriots receiver, who collected his first touchdown of the season on Sunday in a Week 2 win against the Vikings, is the latest win for the Boston-based private coaching service. The unique quality that CoachUp provides is something that hit home for Edelman, and helps to describe how he became involved with them.

“It eerily resembled my career,” Edelman said of the first time he heard CoachUp founder and CEO Jordan Fliegel describe the company to him. The Patriots receiver recalled his own path from growing up in California:

It brought me back to when I was in high school. We didn’t have a quarterback, and my father put me through all of these rigorous drills. You know, I’d go out and I’d throw 100 balls. And I’d do all of these certain things. It was great stuff, and it was hard work, but it wasn’t quite getting me to where I wanted to go. At the time I wanted to be a Division-I quarterback. So I ended up linking up with a guy, Rodger Theder, who was head coach of Cal back in the seventies, and he was working with a bunch of famous quarterbacks. And he would teach fundamentals, throwing techniques. All the stuff that the pros were getting.

Clearly, he went onto become a wide receiver in the NFL, but played quarterback in college at Kent State for three years.  Edelman’s description then cut to the heart of CoachUp’s basic premise, noting the clear advantage of a private coach.

“My dad would never know that. We would go out and we would work hard, but we wouldn’t work as smart.”

Linking up with CoachUp, and Fliegel, was an eye-opener for Edelman.

“So I met Jordan, and he explained his company and it was kind of like, wow, it’s a service to provide that specialty coach for whatever it is,” Edelman said. “Swimming, field hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer. You know, to try and make kids work smarter, with how competitive it is now.”

Fliegel, clearly ecstatic at bringing the popular Patriot onboard, described the growing “Council” of athletes that Edelman joins. The list now includes Philadelphia 76er Nerlens Noel, Bruins President (and former star goal scorer) Cam Neely, and former Red Sox outfielder Gabe Kapler (in an unofficial capacity).

“It’s a little different for each person,” Fliegel told BostInno, describing what the notable Council members will do. “With Julian, for instance, he’s got a big social following, so there will be opportunities for things, because he wants to give back.”

And in terms of Edelman’s impact with CoachUp, Fliegel noted that he can continue to push awareness about how capable their array of coaches are.

“People don’t realize that they can workout with a former NFL player as a coach for like $60 dollars on CoachUp,” Fliegel noted. Now, with the help of a current NFL player, that fact will become harder to escape, which is music to CoachUp’s ears.

Edelman made a video for CoachUp. It was released earlier on Monday for the public:

Bonus: When asked if CoachUp knew about Burgertyme, Edelman smiled, looked around slightly anxiously, before the official CoachUp answer came:

“We love it.”


Image via CoachUp