Staked out in front of St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing (via

Kate Middleton’s due date isn’t for another ten days, but that’s not deterring photographers from staking out prime real estate in front of the exit to the hospital wing where she is expected to give birth.

Celebrity baby photos are worth a fortune to hungry media consumers and the royal baby, who is already making economic waves, is certainly no exception. Photographers from various publications along with plenty of freelancers have boxed off sections on the sidewalk in front of the door Kate will walk out of with her new baby. So far, sixty feet of sidewalk have been blocked off, with photographers to be positioned four deep.

The street running in front of the Lindo Wing has also been closed to parking for the entire month of July, according to USA Today. This will further help photographers capture that perfect Kodak moment. No matter when the time comes, they’ll be ready: most crews are taking shifts 24/7 from now until the birth.

Call it excessive, but these people aren’t taking a chance with missing the first glimpse of the most exciting baby of the year. I know I’ll be grateful for their dedication when I get to see those baby photos since, oddly enough, I haven’t been invited to be there for the birth yet.