If you have kept up with our extensive coverage of war robots, you might remember our write up on Project Hexapod. Basically, a crew of people who clearly want to watch the world burn designed a gigantic metal spider named Stompy as part of the Robotics Intensive: Rideable Hexapod class at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville with the apparent intention of wreaking havoc, murdering things and generally being terrifying.


But that was in May, and since then, I figured the army guys stepped in and were like, “Dudes, come on now. We don’t even have this.”

But nay. Today, they launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get this project funded to get this bad boy made. They need $65,000 in the next 29 days.

Stompy, once fully realized, will be 4,000 pounds, 18 feet wide and, of course, have six legs.

Here’s their video with more on the project:

Like they said, who wouldn’t want to see this thing stomping down the street? (Nevermind that just two months ago I very much said how absolutely horrifying this thing seems – I didn’t realize what nice guys the people making it seemed to be at the time.)

Of the incentives for donating, the $200 bit is definitely the best:

WILL IT STOMP?! You get to provide us with an inanimate, non-volatile object of your choice (and our approval) and Stompy will crush it mercilessly. We will then post a video of the crushing on YouTube and set it to techno or some such. You also get the cheesy picture, T-shirt, loyalty wristband, sticker, name on our website, and shouting-from-the-mountaintop.

I get to crush stuff via Stompy? It’s sort of like in Office Space when the dudes take the printer and beat the living hell out of the dysfunctional thing with baseball bats, except with an absolutely monstrous robot. Now to find something that needs crushing…