It’ been a long week. Your back hurts from sitting at your desk long hours and your muscles ache from last nights workout. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were affordably to get those knots worked out every week?

Well, sure, a standing appointment with a massage therapist would be ideal, but few of us have the budgets to allow that. So instead of neglecting your tension-filled bod, let’s relieve your stress — immediately.

Enter: Massage Track. This stationary block or platform is accompanied by rubber balls to alleviate muscle and tendon pain through applied pressure. Simply place the balls on the neck or body track and roll out whichever area is giving you problems. And since these balls are not loose and rolling all over the floor, they create a controlled way to recover.

This rigger-point release system allows you to position your body in different ways to gain optimal benefits. From tight neck muscles to painful knots in your back, Massage Track provides a variety of balls that have different densities. Start with tennis balls for a preliminary way to relieve your muscles and work your way towards the more challenging lacrosse balls.

According to their Kickstarter campaign,

These tools quickly fix muscle and tendon pain giving you a deep tissue massage at home, WHEN you need it and right WHERE you need it, with the precision and power you thought you could only get from a massage therapist. And they cost about what you paid for your last professional massage — or less.

So if you’re like the many dealing with chronic pain — from your challenging workouts or daily desk life — it’s time to roll it out. And while having your own personal masseuse is a great fantasy, it’s best we all stick to a pain-free plan that doesn’t rob us financially.

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter video and hear what the experts have to say about Massage Track. 


Image via Kickstarter