Kid Rock knows what his fans want, and it’s a cheap good time. With his annual Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise boasting over 50% of customers returning for another round, he’s hit the nail on the head with cheap beer and a good old fashioned redneck romp. Now, the star is embarking on a $20 Best Night Ever concert tour.

With the vast majority of tickets for the shows released at $20 apiece, tickets can also be purchased at Walmart. Concert t-shirts will go for the same price as the tickets, and $4 draft beers will be available. To top that, venues will give out free coffee to designated drivers at the end of each show. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s real and it’ll be hitting Mansfield on July 10.

“Someone has to go out there and fight these high prices and change things up, and I’m lucky enough that I can afford to take a pay cut. $20. Best night ever,” read a statement from Kid Rock when the tour was announced.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to pay “normal” tickets prices, 1,000 platinum tickets will also be sold for each show, ranging from $60-$350. Basically, Kid Rock is scalping his own tickets to make up for the cheaper $20 ticket prices.

While the rocker admitted that you can’t completely stop the scalpers, he has made it as difficult as he can. Paperless tickets will be used whenever possible, and IDs will be checked with paper ones. Because many of the shows will be held outdoors with plenty of general admission and lawn seats available, scalpers have a more difficult time jacking the prices up too much to begin with.

“How will people react to a $20 ticket with $4 beers?” he said in an interview about changing the economics of touring. “They might go nuts and spend threefold the money and we’ll end up doing $15 tickets next year.”

The tour promotes his 10th album, Rebel Soul. It kicks off Friday, June 28 with a Mansfield stop on July 10.

So don’t waste another minute: here’s a list of Walmart locations closest to Boston.