A cafe called “Knight Moves” is coming to Brookline, and no, it has nothing to do with Bob Seger. Instead, the new spot is dedicated to letting patrons play board games. Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the new spot will open on Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner this fall.

According to a post on Knight Moves’ blog:

We’re a collection of Board Game Geeks at ‘Knight Moves’, and for years we’ve lamented the inconveniences Board Gamers face in Boston. Wobbly tables, noisy venues, and that the city seems to roll up the streets at 9 o Clock. We’re aiming to fix all that, to create a venue where you can relax and play games to your heart’s content.

Boston Restaurant Talk also reports that Knight Moves is teaming up with Eureka! Puzzles down the street to provide even more awesome gaming action.

Details are sparse, but it’s still fun to fantasize – what games would you like to see at the new cafe? I’m personally jonesin’ for Clue and Jenga. Share your thoughts in the comments below.