Last night, students from Northeastern and Barstool’s El Presidente, David Portnoy, went head-to-head. Or better yet, sign-to-sign. Armed with a pirate dog poster — “the official sign of protest” — El Presidente rolled up to campus prepared and ready for battle. Or, at least prepared for a conversation. The one problem with the protesters? They never let him speak.

In the video below, you see the protestors call Portnoy up to the stage. He agrees to talk, but right when he steps up, they yell at him, telling him he does nothing but perpetuate rape culture, misogyny and homophobia. Even though he’s asking to speak, and others in the audience are saying, “Let the guy talk,” a girl, instead, decides to point in his face and tell him to “F*ck off.” That swear then erupts into a chant, and the next thing you know, everyone’s screaming “F*ck off” in unison.

Now, listen, I know you’re all mad. I heard you out earlier this week. This protest, however, makes you look petty, immature, combative and aggressive. Do I always agree with what Portnoy’s writing about? Of course not, but did two distasteful jokes deserve a whole protest? No.

What’s interesting is that someone commented on my original piece saying that those behind KO Barstool were primarily concerned that Northeastern wasn’t doing enough to prove they didn’t condone Barstool’s Blackout Tour, set to be held at several other Boston college’s in the upcoming month. If all they wanted was something along the lines of a formal statement from President Aoun, though, doesn’t this whole thing seem a bit unnecessary?

I won’t even delve into Portnoy’s points about how the real people KO Barstool should have been protesting were the Occupiers that mobilized along with them, but you can hear his insight at the end of the video, or read his reaction here.

My opinion? This made the students look like immature animals, and I’m severely disappointed. You could have at least let the man talk.

Photo courtesy of Knockout Barstool