Nominate a company or individual to be recognized at New England’s premier diversity awards – The 18th Annual Rosoff Awards. Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 21st.

What makes a great company? Is it stock prices and revenue growth? Number of employees or international offices? Press coverage? Global reach?

Sure, some of those things matter. But here in Boston, we hold our companies to a higher standard. Truly great companies are guided by more than cash flow. Their vision extends beyond IPOs and inflating paychecks. They have stakes in the community, not just the corporation. They believe in more than dollars and cents. They believe in people.

That’s what truly makes a great company.

Each year the Ad Club champions this standard for greatness at The Rosoff Awards, New England’s premier diversity awards. For 18 years, this annual event honors local organizations and individuals whose definition of success includes more than purely professional achievements. They are those who don’t simply preach social justice, but live it through inclusion and meaningful diversity practice.

The Rosoff Awards shines a much-needed spotlight on the real heroes of Boston’s business community. Those who believe that, in the 21st century, workplace diversity is no longer an option, and tirelessly advocate to amplify underrepresented voices,

Diversity is about much more than purely race. It is about collaboration, creativity, and the convergence of cultures and perspectives which fuels our thriving innovation community. Diversity is what grows businesses and keeps companies leading edge. It not only improves internal culture, but also the bottom line.  Enterprises cannot sustain if they exclude populations from their message and community. It only makes sense that corporate microcosms match the world beyond office walls.

The Rosoff Awards prove that corporations can – and do – have a conscious. Past winners include Boston Red Sox, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Google, Hill Holliday, and others representing the gamut of Boston’s booming industries. Many notable Bostonians have also been honored including Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

This year, five more awards will be bestowed honoring all manners of social justice: Internal Diversity Initiative Award, External Diversity Initiative Award, Marketing to a Diverse Audience Award, Non-Profit Initiative Award, and the Mentor Award. (Click to learn more about each category.)

Deserving individuals are in our midst, often flying under the radar, selflessly pursuing social justice without thanks or appreciation. This is their time. Their platform. Their moment. Shine a spotlight on these unseen heroes. Submit your nomination for The 18th Annual Rosoff Awards. You only have two weeks left to do so. The deadline for submission is Friday, March 21st.

For more details on the Ad Club’s Rosoff Awards to be held May 13th at the spectacular State Room, check out the event site, and for the latest updates follow @theadclub.