Greater Boston is known for its brains, which is why it’s no shocker that we have edtech covered. Big names like Cengage and Panorama call our city home, but it doesn’t stop there. Our area also abounds with startups in this space that are trying to gain their footing.

Today, the LearnLaunch Accelerator – which has been helping early-stage edtech ventures get out of the gates – announced that it will be accepting applications to its new Breakthrough program. With this latest program, the accelerator is hoping to assist more established startups as they plan to raise funds and scale.

“The Breakthrough program adds to our expanding arsenal of products that we offer the edtech entrepreneur.” 

LearnLaunch’s Breakthrough program will be a shorter, yet more intense version of the current accelerator the organization offers. According to the program’s page, edtech startups that are eligible to apply must have already brought their product or service to market (and they don’t mean in beta form). Ventures able to participate must also have a relatively steady revenue stream. These parameters ensure that Breakthrough will support startups ready to go into overdrive in terms of growth.

“As we prepare for the next iteration of our Accelerator program at the end of next summer, we are experimenting with a variety of solutions to meet the needs of edtech entrepreneurs,” Jean Hammond, co-founder and partner at LearnLaunch, commented. “Breakthrough is the perfect fit for those in the thick of running a business but also needing to think about fundraising, partnerships, and other strategies for longer-term growth. We can get a lot done without being a big distraction.”

As with LearnLaunch’s regular Accelerator program, Breakthrough isn’t limited to Boston-based ventures. It’s open to any and all edtech startups, regardless of where they are in the world.

“The Breakthrough program adds to our expanding arsenal of products that we offer the edtech entrepreneur,” Liam Pisano, LearnLaunch’s Managing Director, stated. “It also allows our team to look to international markets to build a pipeline, as we provide a tailor-made landing spot for edtech companies looking to establish a U.S. presence.”

Applications for Breakthrough are now open and can be submitted until January 31. The program will run from April until June.

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