Outside of quivering over that scary beast called “online education,” university professors allegedly have a pretty made-in-the-shade life. Job searching site CareerCast.com recently ranked the 10 least stressful jobs of 2013, and placed professors at the top of the list.

Professors can place the blame on college degrees actually being worth something. Because job seekers with a college degree are twice as likely to land a gig as those without, the job opportunities in higher education are deemed endless, which the website claims makes “teaching jobs less stressful than ever before.”

The company also points to salary, singling out Harvard professors’ pay. The Ivy League instititute’s full-time professors make $198,400 on average, with a 7:1 teacher-to-student ratio. Meaning: all that pay and for little face-time with students. Yet, more professors are expected to be hired to curb that ratio, with 305,700 adjunct and tenure-track professorial positions expected to be opened up by 2020.

Of course, professors’ lives can be peppered with stress. Achieving tenure isn’t easy. Educators need to publish a certain amount of papers to reach the acclaimed status, which comes with an awful lot of research. In a prior interview, Babson’s Dean of Faculty Carolyn Hotchkiss admitted the process “stresses out” junior faculty because “they feel as though there is one narrow path of approved academic activities that leads to tenure.”

Yet, overall, most professors get to sit back and relax from May to August all while raking in an average $62,050 a year. The perks don’t sound too shabby.

Curious which other careers made the list? Check out the slideshow below.