It’s Christmas as usual for most Bostonians, but one local hotel is hoping to turn things upside down this holiday season – literally.

John LaRoche, creative director and owner of blueGuava Design Group in the South End is presenting his dramatic holiday installation that features upside down Christmas trees suspended from the lobby of the Liberty Hotel.

Formerly a jailhouse, the Liberty Hotel’s 90-foot rotunda ceiling will host 10, fully lit and decorated upside down Christmas trees this holiday season. The trees, 9-feet tall and 6-feet in diameter, can be viewed from the hotel’s multiple-level catwalks beginning Monday, November 26th.

“The Liberty Hotel holiday décor needed to be something that was bold, sophisticated and interesting and not only enhance the architecture, but create a holiday experience that mirrors the spectacular space,” said LaRoche of his inspiration for the installation.

“The design provides holiday décor for each floor to enjoy and eliminates the need to take floor space away from guests and revenue. The color tone was inspired from the natural brick, sunlight and fabric tones throughout the lobby,” he added.

This is the third season that the Liberty Hotel has run LaRoche’s upside down Christmas tree installation.

“The concept and style was so spectacular and imaginative that hotel guests and travelers throughout the year ask if it will return and events are booked based on the holiday décor returning,” said LaRoche of its return this year. “Creating a design to match or out-do this is difficult.”

Upside Tree Installation by the Numbers:

1,500 Holiday Tree Lights
720 Tiny Cluster Glass Ornaments
65 Three-Inch Glass Ornaments
50 Yards of Bronze Sheer Ribbon
36 Five-Inch Glass Ornaments
12 Hand Blown Grape Cluster Ornaments
9 Feet In Height Of Upside Down Holiday Trees
8 Number of John LaRoche’s blueGuava Design Group Team Installing the decor
6 Number of trees suspended from the 90’foot Rotunda Lobby
6 Feet in Upside Down Tree Diameter  (at their widest)
4 Riggers from Shaughnessy & Ahearn

Check out photos of the upside down Christmas tree display in previous years below. Be sure to head over to the Liberty Hotel beginning Monday, November 26th to check out the amazing installation for yourself!