Life is good co-founders Bert and John Jacobs delivered the commencement address at Bentley University this Saturday, telling graduates “there is no script now – you must write your own.”

The two entrepreneurs also offered the following advice:

“Anyone who thinks they’re going to build a business or brand alone is not paying attention … the customer has taken control … that can be a bad thing if people view you as artificial … they can tear your business down … if they view you as authentic, they will help you build your business up … Whatever you choose to do, choose a career that you can be authentically passionate about, something that’s an extension of who you really are … Above all else, to thine own self be true. Authenticity is a superpower!”

They also touched on the tragedy of the Boston marathon bombing, noting that one Life is good employee had been injured and referencing the company’s efforts to fundraise for the victims.

The speech was, perhaps predictably, a bit different from most commencement addresses, as WickedLocal reports:

At times during their talk, the brothers also threw Frisbees into the audience, representing “superpowers,” such as “authenticity,” at which time the audience was prompted to shout out: “Let it fly!”

The two brothers addressed the crowd while pacing back and forth across the stage, taking turns with their remarks, rather than standing together at a podium.

At one point Bert Jacobs, putting in perspective how fortunate many of us are, said, “If you say ‘I have to go grocery shopping, you’re missing the point. You get to go grocery shopping.'”

For more on the brothers and Life is good, check out BostInno’s coverage of the company here. Or to view the entire commencement address, check out the video below.