Here in Real Estate Porn, I try to bring to your attention some of the swankiest, most unique properties the Boston housing market has to offer. There have been multimillion dollar lofts and penthouses, old school Firehouses and a former Underground Railroad meeting spot.

But never has there been a lighthouse.

The Graves Island Light in Boston Harbor is on the market, with bidding closing in a mere few days. Reports WCVB Boston, “The 110-year-old structure went on the auction block last month as part of a law that allows the government to sell off lighthouses that are too expensive to staff.”

The government’s loss could be your incredibly badass gain.

Sure, the commute might not be ideal, especially in the winter, and judging from its facade, this would probably qualify as a fixer-upper. But never will a more distinct residence so close to downtown hit the market in our lifetime. This is a lighthouse, people!

“One of 163 lighthouses located along the New England coast, the Graves Island Light Station went on the auction block in June, under terms set by the National Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000,” reports the Boston Globe. “Bidding started at $25,000. It is expected to close next week, said Barbara Salfity, branch chief of the General Services Administration, which is conducting the sale.”

The current high bid, all of which must be cash only, reportedly stands at $101,000.

As enamored as I am with this thing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a small hiccup with the terms of agreement: The property has no running water, sanitation facilities or utilities otherwise in place. So there’s that. On the plus side, the Coast Guard remains responsible for ensuring the foghorn is in proper working order, which won’t scare the shit out of you at all in the middle of some overcast night.

For my money? Totally worth it.