Ah, a day off. You’ve got nothing ahead of you but 24 hours of sun-bathing, barbecuing and boozing. You’ll wake up in the morning, throw on a bikini, head to the grocery store to grab some burgers, and stop into your corner liquor store to buy a six-pack. Except when you arrive at said liquor store, it’s closed. Under state law, all liquor stores in Massachusetts must remain closed on Memorial Day. Huge bummer.

This problem can be avoided, though, if you plan ahead. Liquor stores are allowed to open on the Sunday before Memorial Day, and, pending local laws, most will be operating under usual Sunday hours. We advise you to stock up.

Unfortunately, everyone else in the state has the same idea as you, and as such, liquor stores are always swamped on holiday weekends. Our favorite booze delivery app, Drizly, is here to solve that problem. The app, which delivers alcohol straight to your door with the press of a button, will be servicing the greater Boston area on Sunday, meaning you can kick back on the couch and let them do the heavy lifting. Sign up here, choose from beer, wine or spirits (or all over the above), and get the goods delivered in under an hour by Drizly, in partnership with Gordon Fine Wine and Liquors.

Drizly’s founder Justin Robinson tells BostInno via email that, in compliance with state law, the app will be closed for business on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. So again, order early.

Restaurants and bars are still legally allowed to remain open at their discretion on Memorial Day, so if you run out of Bud Lights, venture down to the nearest pub to grab a pint. If the weather holds out, check out these lists of outdoor patios and rooftop bars for added indulging and imbibing on Monday afternoon. Be sure to call ahead to see if they’re open!