After days of deliberation following a trial that took nearly 50 days, the jury has reached a verdict in the trial of former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez. Indicted on charges of first and second degree murder, along with weapons charges, Hernandez has been waiting like the rest of the curious public for the jury’s vital decision. Watch the above live stream as Judge Susan Garsh reads the final verdict for Hernandez in the case of Odin Lloyd’s murder.

Hernandez’s defense team put in a strong effort to try and discredit the already precarious case put forward by the prosecution in the Fall River courthouse. Needing only to introduce a sliver of reasonable doubt, defense lawyers Michael Fee, Charles Rankin and James Sultan exploited any holes in the case facing their wealthy and famous client, even going  so far as to admit his presence at Lloyd’s murder in the early hours of June 17, 2013.

Still, the entirety of the burden to prove Hernandez’s guilt was on the prosecution in the trial, so it was not enough to simply put the former NFL star at the scene of the crime. In order to get him on one of the murder charges, the prosecution had to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Hernandez was a “willing participant” in the murder.

The verdict will be the first major aspect of the decision, with the sentencing coming later should Hernandez be found guilty of any of the charges.