Fans of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers fans are revving up for Super Bowl 2013. The rest of America, however—those who tend to cheer for one of the 30 other NFL teams—are gobbling down chicken wings, tuning in for the Super Bowl commercials and waiting for Beyonce to make her 2013 halftime show debut around 8:15 p.m. ET. Rumors have it Destiny’s Child will be reuniting tonight and that Jay-Z could be making an appearance, as well. To ensure you don’t miss the music, you can catch the Super Bowl halftime show live stream online.

Live Stream Halftime Show: Watch Beyonce Perform at the Super Bowl on CBS Sports

The pop star has most recently been making headlines for being caught lip-syncing the National Anthem on Inauguration Day. She owned up to the act at the Super Bowl press conference on Thursday, however, and promised she would “absolutely” be singing live on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I am well-rehearsed and I will be singing live,” she told the crowd. “This is what I was born to do.”

In a sneak peek of her performance on YouTube (below), Beyonce said, “I was on my way here and I was looking at the Superdome, and I felt very proud because I know this is my legacy. And I’m really happy it’s in the South … It feels nice to be where my family is from—Louisiana. It feels like everything is coming back around full circle.”

More than 112.5 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl halftime show last year, according to the official NFL website—making the show the most-watched musical event of the year. With the hope of a Destiny’s Child reunion, the amount of viewers is expected to climb even higher in 2013. Although Beyonce didn’t confirm the rumors of a reunion in the press conference on Thursday, she also didn’t deny them, merely responding, “I can’t really give you any details.”

Destiny’s Child has not performed together on stage since the group formally disbanded in 2005. So, to celebrate, Super Bowl viewers can expect to hear the trio sing “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and their biggest hit, “Survivor,” according to BET.

At least if you can’t root for your team in the Super Bowl, you can root for Beyonce.