For the first time in the history of the big game, you’ll be able to watch a Super Bowl live stream on your computer or mobile device. In years past, the broadcasters have sought to boost their TV ratings by forcing people to watch the game on TV, but CBS is going for a broader audience by putting a free Super Bowl live stream online. So, if you’re on the go or (gasp) have trouble with your TV provider, you can catch the Ravens versus 49ers Super Bowl live stream online below.

Live Stream Super Bowl: Watch Ravens v 49ers Online [VIDEO]

This year’s matchup between the Ravens and 49ers is sure to be a riveting one, with many exciting story lines to keep an eye on. You’ve got the brother versus brother matchup with Jim and John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis’ retirement, Colin Kaepernick’s revolutionary pistol offense, Joe Flacco’s pursuit of adding his name to the list of elite quarterbacks, and more.

The outcome of the game is undeniably tough to predict. On one hand, Kaepernick has been unbelievable in the payoffs so far. He’s torched teams both in the air and on the ground — setting a record for rushing yards in a game by a QB. That said, it’s only the tenth start of his career and the Ravens defense is one of the best in the league. So, does he have the poise that comes with experience to excel with all the world watching? Will the Ravens be able to contain him better than the other teams he’s faced so far?

On the other hand, we have Joe Flacco playing some of the best football of his career. His deep passing allows the Ravens to rack up points in a matter of seconds. And with Ray Lewis retiring, Baltimore is riding an unstoppable emotional wave that could end with a Lombardi Trophy.