BostInno is front and center at TechStars Demo Day (#tsdemoday) and will be live-blogging all the notable goings on. Check out our preview post for a recap of the 13 companies that will be pitching at the event. The Royale Nightclub is packed, the buzz is palpable … let the show begin.

Urban Hero

I didn’t know much about the spring’s past, and certainly didn’t come to TechStars expecting to hear about its future. But that’s what Urban Hero was here to talk about. The point of a spring is to store energy and the team has created a lighter and more efficient approach to doing so. The three co-founders met at MIT and started working on “super-human sporting inventions,” that “transform cities into playgrounds.” Urban Hero wins points for the best product demo, with one of the founders jumping on a spring and catapulting up a five foot block. The market? Kids hopped up on Red Bull.

BetterFit Technologies

CEO Julia Winn wants to make medical data make sense again. BetterFit engages with patients daily, asking two questions per day (the “right questions”)—and unlike a standard questionnaire, most patients respond within four minutes. Communication, says Winn, is the key to better healthcare. BetterFit today announced their first pilot with Heath Access Rhode Island. They’re raising $650,000 and have over half committed as of this morning.


“Do you really want your hospital to be booking your care with a fax machine?” Careport CEO Lissy Hu doesn’t think so. Careport helps hospitals find the right post-hospital care for their patients, because, as she says, eight of 10 patients need some sort of additional care before they can go home, but it’s the hospitals responsibility to find that care. The system, says Hu, is antiquated. Hu announced today that Mass General Hospital is going to be their first live pilot site, which in turn connected them with 30 additional care facilities, all of which signed on, too. Careport is raising a seed of $750,000 and are over a third of the way there.


To much applause, Saverr CEO Eyal Yair asks the crowd, “How many families would like an extra $1,000 in their pockets every year?” Saverr helps grocery shoppers shop smarter by utilizing your phone’s camera to scan your grocery receipts and accumulate targeted coupons. Saverr is a crowd-sourced app, so every picture you take helps other users nearby save money as well. Yair announced that the iPhone app is set to release in two weeks. The company is looking for funding of $1.2 million and has already secured $700,000 of that amount.


Unlike virtually all other water supply companies, NBD doesn’t need a pre-existing body of water to thrive. That’s because, as their tagline goes, they pull water from the air. CEO Miguel Galvez says it’s the company’s vision to provide clean drinking water for all, including a self-filling water bottle that generated quite the buzz at the FutureM Shark Tank event. NBD is raising a $1 million round with half committed to date; they also just announced that Supply Chain Ventures is the company’s first investor.


Dennis Baldwin of Breakaway Ventures introduced CoachUp, announcing that both he and General Catalyst’s David Fiallco would be investing in the company as part of the company’s $2.5 million round. (The company also took $50K from MassChallenge and has raised angel money, including form Dharmesh Shah.)


TV productions today are not equipped to do product placements in a measurable and scalable way, according to CEO Alex LoVerde. Tim, Wymsee’s client from “30 Rock” told Alex, “You don’t know what you’ve done, you’ve changed our industry forever.” Already, Wymsee has signed major TV productions that will reach over 100 million viewers. The company is now raising a seed round, with one-third committed from an unnamed (but “awesome”) group of angel investors.

Dashbell (Formerly BookingMarkets)

First bit of news here is of course a name change. We looked at BookingMarkets, now Dashbell, in our preview. And today CEO Paige Brown revealed some of the specifics of the new product that I couldn’t write in the last article. It’s a suite of tools, including a booking widget and marketing tools, to help independent hotels work on the web. It’s worth noting that the U.S. is something of an outlier in that it’s more dominated by hotel chains than places like Europe or South America. Brown said the company is “on its way to closing” its $650,000 seed round.


As we covered in our preview, they’re over 30,000 users with daily users averaging more than 5 uses per day. (The crowd laughed nervously at the idea of others putting notes on your to-do list.) The big reveal here, around where the business model is headed, has to do with the most popular hashtags on Fetchnotes. They all reveal intent. “We capture intent often before it gets to search,” said CEO Alex Schiff. They’re raising $750K, with one third committed.


According to CEO Phil Fremont-Smith, 10-20 percent of our annual income is lost to impulse purchases – to the tune of $40 billion a year nationally. What if we could redirect these same impulses to things that really matter? The company released version 2 of its iPhone app and the Android app recently went live as well. So far, current users are saving an average of $3,000 per year. ImpulseSave is raising $1 million in seed with half committed.


Introduced by the CEO of GrabCad, Hardi Meybaum, Ovuline CEO Paris Wallace says they aim to make every pregnancy happy, healthy and easy by bringing data to the process. They currently have a beta up and running at five of the country’s top clinics and are in the process of raising a seed round.


Zeppelin wants people to have business conversations around actionable events. They just announced they’re seeking to raise $1 million and have $600,000 committed already.

Fashion Project

The Fashion Project is enabling charities to raise up to 5x more from their clothing donations. Founder Anna Palmer says they are raising $1.5 mil. They currently have half committed, including investments from Fred Destin of Atlas Ventures.