Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

People all around the city are skipping out on work and school to go watch one of Boston’s biggest bands rock out in the Brighton-area in front of their old apartment.

Streets surrounding 1325 Commonwealth Ave. were shut down Monday morning so that Aerosmith could put on a show for fans of their tunes and long hair. Those stuck behind a desk can sneakily watch the live performance via live stream, above.

The concert, sponsored by music station WAAF, was scheduled to go on at noon on Monday, with Aerosmith arriving to the scene on Commonwealth Avenue in a DuckBoat.

Police expected thousands of people to show up for the performance, which is being used to get fans to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, while also pushing the bands latest studio effort “Music From Another Dimension!”

Officers from the city asked that patrons be on their best behavior so we can impress the “Bad Boys” of Boston as they strum their guitars.

“The Boston Police Department kindly asks you to be on your best behavior,”  said Superintendent-in-Chief Daniel Linskey. “In a city…rich in tradition and history as ours, it’s always nice to honor and celebrate our own. We’re encouraging and expecting good behavior by all those who attend the free concert and we’re certainly hoping people behave in such a way as to make our city and Aerosmith proud.”

A plaque is being placed at the site of the show to commemorate Aerosmith, and WAAF reports that they won’t only leave music fans with memories in their minds, but they will mark Boston while they are in town.

“Aerosmith [will leave] their hand prints in the sidewalk at this LEGENDARY location,” WAAF wrote on their website Friday.

Below is a collection of photos taken by fans and rock music revelers who attended the concert on Monday.