The 54th Annual Daytona 500 will be run Sunday afternoon from the Daytona International Speedway at Daytona Beach, Florida. The Daytona 500 is the first points-giving event of the season for NASCAR, which annually gets its Super Bowl out of the way at the beginning of the year, rather than the end. Carl Edwards is among the favorites to win the race, which features Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin.

You can watch the Daytona 500 live online here.

Here’s a video preview of the Daytona 500, via FOX Atlanta:

Daytona 500 Preview with FOX’s Fab Four:

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Carl Edwards is among the favorites to win the Daytona 500, which seems a little silly since every guy is in pretty much the same car driving the same speed in the same path for like sixteen hours. Other names you should probably know (even though it’s entirely possible that they may not be participating or even racing anymore) are Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Danica Patrick.

Johnson has been the cream of NASCAR’s crop in recent years, winning five of the last six Sprint Cup titles, but Edwards, who races for John Henry’s Roush-Fenway Racing team, is favored just as heavily (12:1 odds) in this year’s Daytona. But it’s Earnhardt, Jr. who is the favorite in the field, going off at 17:2 odds, according to

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For the first time since 1972, a Waltrip will not race in the 500.

“I just went the wrong way and lost the car,” Waltrip said afterward. “I feel like I let everybody down. I raced my way to the front and then I let them down. It’s just really hard. I don’t know what to say – it’s just sad.”

Later, Waltrip added: “I just screwed up. I gotta live with it.”

And he does – at least until next year’s Daytona 500 qualifications offer some redemption.

Midway through the 150-mile race, Waltrip had gained a coveted transfer position into the 500 but gave up his spot on the track to make a pit stop and refuel under green-flag conditions.

As he left pit road, the two-time Daytona 500 champion tried to get up to speed on the apron in Turn 2, then turned up the track. But when he hit the banking, his car bobbled and took a sickening swing toward the wall.

With no one else around, Waltrip lost control and hit the barrier, destroying both his car and his Daytona 500 dreams.