Now that the weather’s warming up, we’re wanting to step out of our offices and gulp down some fresh New England air – and beers – with coworkers on a Friday afternoon. Alas, the paltry number of Boston bars with roof decks doesn’t make that easy.

But LogMeIn’s 330 locally-based employees don’t have that problem.

Atop the enterprise software company’s Seaport headquarters is a classy open-air space, perfect for tipping back a few brews, eating lunch, hosting a team huddle or simply taking in the sights of the Innovation District. 

Don’t be fooled, though. LogMeInners aren’t basking in the sun all day. And the public company has revenue numbers to prove it. In Q1 2014, they saw a 31 percent increase in revenue, up to $49 million, compared to this time last year. What’s more, they’re expecting to pull full-year revenues in the $209 million to $212 million range.

Their employees in the Hub aren’t the only ones contributing to that sum, however. The company keeps offices in Australia, India and Ireland, as well as Hungary, the country in which it was founded in 2003.

Though the headquarters has since been moved to Mass., the company has found some creative ways to fuel its international feel. Each floor of its South Boston space was designed to evoke the personality of its sister offices’ countries, its breakout rooms named after big cities, with decor to match. So, don’t be surprised if you have a meeting over a Guinness in what looks to be an old Dublin pub, complete with bar stools and comfy leather arm chairs. Or you might be called into a conference call on the Hungary floor’s Nyíregyháza. (Try saying that with a Boston accent.)

One can imagine that being surrounded by such a global vibe could spark wanderlust in employees’ hearts. Fortunately, the company’s got a fix for that. If an employee plays her cards right, she can actually go work in another one of LogMeIn’s offices for a quarter or two – think study abroad, but for adults, who are as adventurous as they are ambitious.

The company also treats its staff to annual no-laptops-allowed team-building trips in sun-soaked destinations like Cancun, Aruba and the Dominican Republic, with all piña coladas and room service charged to LogMeIn’s tab.

Yet as hard as it might be to believe, we’re not sure we’d ever feel the need to leave LogMeIn’s South Boston space. Why, you ask? Because it’s that dang beautiful. 

See for yourself.