As if the Kayak and Lola Travel co-founder isn’t busy enough, Paul English has teamed up with another Boston tech vet who probably has had a little more time on his hands to finance and produce movies.

Wayne Chang

English’s partner-in-crime is Wayne Chang, who co-founded and led Crashlytics, the startup that was acquired by Twitter in 2013 and then sold to Google in January. Chang stepped down after the most recent acquisition.

Deadline reported on Thursday that their company is called Wicked Magic Productions, and it already has a completed film it’s shopping around for distribution starring Katie Holmes, Michael Caine, Jason Biggs, Seth Green and Odeya Rush. The film, called “Coup D’Etat,” is a satire about a British-Carribean dictator who flees his island nation from political turmoil and inspires an American teenage girl to overthrow her school’s “mean girls hierarchy” when she provides him cover.

Wicked Magic does not have a dedicated staff yet, as English and Chang hope to first seek out “scripts and packages on which they can become producers and financiers or co-financiers,” Deadline said. The two entrepreneurs said they hope to find ways to lend their tech expertise to productions, as well as find ways to tie in film projects to their own ventures.

“We love movies, and hope that we can bring our experience in the tech and digital fields to what we’ll do in Hollywood,” Chang told Deadline.